July 28, 2011

Wellness Consultation Identifies Health Concerns and Long-Term Goals

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by Peter L. Fallon, Pharmacist

Most people express the desire to get fit, quit smoking, or simply improve their health. While traditional medicine treats a disease, the functional medicine approach that we utilize in our wellness consultations addresses the individual and his or her wants and needs. We find that people benefit greatly from a proactive, positive approach to their own well-being.

The human body encompasses a number of systems which work together in concert to achieve movement, respiration, thought, digestion, and a whole host of other functions. We teach the patients to adopt a lifestyle that promotes optimal performance of all systems to facilitate health, vigor, and strong immune function.

We work closely with patients who have an overall goal of good health, many of them focusing on a specific target in this process. Longevity tends to be a popular objective, with patients undergoing seasonal treatments aimed at promoting balance in the bodily systems to ensure each organ works properly and does not trigger pain or problems in complementary systems. Such treatments strengthen the immune system, promote the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, and regulate circulation.

Other patients use the advice we give them in a wellness consultation to manage stress and anxiety, relieve pain, balance hormone levels, increase fertility, lose weight, and even stop smoking. All of these conditions can be debilitating; we help our patients determine the best programs for them to realize their wellness goals and live long, healthy lives.

About the author: Peter L. Fallon is a Compounding Pharmacist with several pharmacies in New York. A regular lecturer on such issues as natural medicine, bioidentical hormones, and functional medicine, Peter L. Fallon actively serves as a member of the International Association of Compounding Pharmacists, the Institute of Functional Medicine, and the Pharmaceutical Society of the State of New York.