November 25, 2012

A Look at Bio-Identical Hormones, By Peter L. Fallon

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As people grow older, their hormone levels get out of balance. This part of the aging process becomes especially problematic for women during menopause. However, scientists have developed ways to alleviate these fluctuations. Bio-identical hormones represent one such way. Also known as natural hormone therapy, bio-identical hormones can be delivered through patches, pills, gels, and creams.

Although synthesized in a lab, bio-identical hormones possess the same molecular structure as those made in the body. Bio-identical estrogen and progesterone, produced from yam and soy extracts as base materials, are indistinguishable from those made in the ovaries. Additionally, manufacturers produce bio-identical hormones for men, including testosterone. Those wanting to obtain these items need to visit a specialist who can understand what the patient needs and prescribe products tailored for the client’s individual condition.

About the Author:

For nearly 30 years, Peter L. Fallon has worked as a pharmacist and created businesses as an entrepreneur. At Fallon Wellness Pharmacy, LLC, in Latham, New York, Fallon develops bio-identical hormones and in addition advises clients on health, functional medicine, and related matters.


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